What happened in 1988

Ronald Reagan is President and George H. W. Bush is Vice President
In the News 1988
* George H. W. Bush wins the Presidential election.
* Oliver North in indicted for The Iran Contra affair.
* Sonny Bono elected Mayor of Palm Springs.
* The Space Shuttle Discovery is launched.
* Microsoft 2.1 is released.

Entertainment in 1988
* The Last Emperor wins Best Picture Oscar.
* Michael Douglas wins Best Actor Oscar.
* Cher wins Best Actress Oscar.
* The Time of My Life wins Best Song Oscar.
* Record of the Year is Graceland by Paul Simon.
* Album of the Year is Joshua Tree by U2.
* Ted Turner buys the NWA.

Sports in 1988
* The Washington Redskins defeat The Denver Broncos in Superbowl XXII
* The Los Angeles Dodgers win The World Series.
* The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship.
* The Edmonton Oilers win the Stanley Cup.
* Wrigley Field hosts it’s first night game.
* Kirk Gibson hits the dramatic home run in game one of The World Series.
* Tyson knocks-out Spinks.
* Sandy Lyle wins The Masters.
* Billy Elliot is NASCAR champion.
* Rick Mears wins the Indy 500.