What Happened in 1987

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In the News 1987
* Reagan tells Gorbachev to tear down that wall.
* Jesica McClure falls into a well, her rescue unfolds on TV.
* Gary Hart drops his election campaign after an affair.
* Jim Bakker resigns from The PTL after an affair.
* Chrysler buys AMC.
* Dow Jones over 2,500 for the first time.
* Windows 2.0 debuts.
* Prozac debuts.

Entertainment in 1987
* Platoon wins Best Picture Oscar.
* Paul Newman wins Best Actor Oscar.
* Marlee Matlin wins Best Actress Oscar.
* Take My Breath Away wins Best Song Oscar.
* Record of the Year is Higher Love by Steve Winwood.
* Album of the Year is Graceland by Paul Simon.

Sports in 1987
* The New York Giants defeat The Denver Broncos in Superbowl XXI.
* The Minnesota Twins win The World Series.
* The Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA Championship.
* The Edmonton Oilers win the Stanley Cup.
* Larry Mize wins The Masters.
* Dale Earnhardt is NASCAR champion.
* Al Unser wins the Indy 500.
* Jackie Joyner-Kersee is AP female athlete of the Year.