Month: February 2024

  • Body Switch Movies

    Body Switch Movies

    Arthur Conan Doyle may have written about the first “body swap” in his short story, The Great Keinplatz Experiment 1890 and screen writers have been running wild with the idea ever since. Movie title and Actor #1 Role Switch Role #2 Actor #2 In 18 Again George Burns is a 81 year old grandfather who…

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  • March 2010 RIP

    March 2010 RIP

    When we were younger we were shocked and saddened when one of our heroes passed away. Saddened because we were fans, and shocked because they died so young… These days our heroes are passing from “old age” and “natural causes”. Yikes. Here’s four stars that passed in 13 days: March 24, 2010. Robert Culp, 79,…

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  • American Pie

    American Pie

    American Pie is a song recorded by Don McLean, released in 1971 and reached number one for four weeks in 1972. The song is interpreted by many to be primarily about “The day music died”, February 13, 1959 when a small plane carrying recording artists Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson),…

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  • What happened in 1986

    What happened in 1986

    Ronald Reagan is President and George H. W. Bush is Vice President >Go to 1987 In the News 1986 The Space Shuttle Challenger explodes. The Iran-Contra affair is exposed. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed for the first time. Hands across America. The Statue of Liberty is reopened. Entertainment in 1986 Out of Africa…

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  • Betty White

    Betty White

    ||~ Given Name ||~ DOB ||~ Died ||~ Occupation(s) ||~ Active || || Betty Marion White || January 17, 1922 || December 31, 2021 || Actress, Comedian || 1939 – 2021 || Betty White began modeling and doing radio nearly twenty years before we were born. She started in television in 1949. From 1961 to…

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  • What Happened in 1987

    What Happened in 1987

    Ronald Reagan is President and George H. W. Bush is Vice President > Go to [[[1988]]] In the News 1987 * Reagan tells Gorbachev to tear down that wall. * Jesica McClure falls into a well, her rescue unfolds on TV. * Gary Hart drops his election campaign after an affair. * Jim Bakker resigns…

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  • What happened in 1988

    What happened in 1988

    Ronald Reagan is President and George H. W. Bush is Vice President In the News 1988 * George H. W. Bush wins the Presidential election. * Oliver North in indicted for The Iran Contra affair. * Sonny Bono elected Mayor of Palm Springs. * The Space Shuttle Discovery is launched. * Microsoft 2.1 is released.…

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  • SNL Cast Members in Movies

    SNL Cast Members in Movies

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  • Goldie Hawn Trivia

    Goldie Hawn Trivia

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