What Happened in 1989

Updated: 09.01.2016
Posted on July 25, 2010
Let’s have a look at what was going on in 1989, shall we? Here’s what made the news in 1989.

George H. W. Bush is President and Dan Quayle is Vice President.
A 7.1 earthquake in the SF Oakland area kills 67 people and delays the World Series.
The Menendez brothers kill their parents.
Exxon Valdez spills a million gallons of oil off Alaska.
Time and Warner merge.
The first GPS satellite is launched.
Ted Bundy is executed.
Robert Tappan Morris, Jr. is the first person prosecuted for releasing a computer virus.
Rain Man wins Best Picture Oscar.
Dustin Hoffman wins Best Actor Oscar.
Jody Foster wins Best Actress Oscar.
Let the River Run wins Best Song Oscar.
Record of the Year is Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin.
Album of the Year is Faith by George Michael.
Rebecca Schaeffer is murdered.
Woodstock ’89 takes place.
The San Francisco 49ers defeat The Cincinnati Bengals in Superbowl XXIII.
The Oakland Athletics win The World Series.
The Detroit Pistons win the NBA Championship.
The Calgary Flames win the Stanley Cup.
Pete Rose is banned from baseball.
Nick Faldo wins The Masters.
Rusty Wallace is NASCAR champion.
Emerson Fittipaldi wins the Indy 500.
The Berlin Wall comes down