What Happened in 2010?

What Happened in 2010?

What Happened in 2010? let’s have a look at what made the news in 2010 shall we?

Barack Obama is President and Joe Biden is Vice President.

In the News 2010
* President Obama signs Health Care Reform into law.
* A magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastates Haiti.
* A magnitude 8.8 earthquake rocks Chile.

Entertainment in 2010
* The Hurtlocker wins Best Picture Oscar
* Jeff Bridges wins Best Actor Oscar
* Sandra Bullock wins Best Actress Oscar
* Song of the Year is Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.
* Album of the Year is Fearless by Taylor Swift.
* Avatar wins drama Golden Globe.
* The Hangover wins comedy Golden Globe.

Sports in 2010
* The New Orleans Saints defeat The Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.
* The Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver Canada.