The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary

Here are 10 interesting trivia items about the RMS Queen Mary:

1. Maiden Voyage: The RMS Queen Mary made her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936, from Southampton, England, to New York City. She was one of the most celebrated ocean liners of her time.

2. Size and Speed: At the time of her launch, Queen Mary was one of the largest and fastest ships in the world. She measured 1,019.5 feet in length and could reach speeds of up to 32.84 knots.

3. World War II Service: During World War II, the Queen Mary was converted into a troopship and was painted grey to blend in with naval fleets, earning her the nickname “The Grey Ghost.” She transported thousands of troops across the Atlantic.

4. Passenger Capacity: In her prime as a luxury liner, the Queen Mary could accommodate up to 2,139 passengers and a crew of 1,101. Her accommodations ranged from opulent first-class suites to more modest third-class cabins.

5. Art Deco Design: The Queen Mary is renowned for her lavish Art Deco interior, featuring intricate wood paneling, elegant fixtures, and grand public spaces that exemplified 1930s luxury and style.

6. Collision with HMS Curacoa: On October 2, 1942, while serving as a troopship, the Queen Mary accidentally collided with the British cruiser HMS Curacoa off the coast of Ireland, resulting in the loss of 338 lives on the cruiser. The Queen Mary was under orders not to stop and proceeded safely to port.

7. Celebrity Guests: The Queen Mary hosted numerous famous passengers over the years, including Winston Churchill, Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bob Hope. Churchill is said to have signed the D-Day invasion orders while aboard the ship.

8. Retirement and Preservation: The Queen Mary retired from service in 1967 and was permanently moored in Long Beach, California. She was transformed into a hotel, museum, and tourist attraction, where visitors can explore the ship’s historic decks and staterooms.

9. Haunted Reputation: The Queen Mary is often considered one of the most haunted places in the world. Numerous ghost sightings and unexplained phenomena have been reported on board, particularly in the engine room and the first-class swimming pool.

10. Cunard White Star Line: The Queen Mary was operated by the Cunard White Star Line (later known simply as Cunard Line), which was also the owner of the RMS Titanic. The Queen Mary and her sister ship, the RMS Queen Elizabeth, were key competitors to the ocean liners of the day, such as those of the French Line and the German Hamburg America Line.