The Beatles Studio Recordings

The Beatles Studio Recordings


It’s hard to believe The Beatles only recorded together for seven years and only made twelve albums. How old do you feel when the Let It Be album is forty years old? Can you name the albums? In order? Here’s a cheat sheet.

These are the original U.K. albums.

  1. Please Please Me (1963)
  2. With The Beatles (1963)
  3. A Hard Day’s Night (1964)
  4. Beatles for Sale (1964)
  5. Help! (1965)
  6. Rubber Soul (1965)
  7. Revolver (1966)
  8. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
  9. The Beatles/The White Album (1968)
  10. Yellow Submarine (1969)
  11. Abbey Road (1969)
  12. Let It Be (1970)

All albums U.K. releases by Parlaphone.
Yellow Submarine only had 4 new songs.
Magical Mystery Tour (1967) was an E.P. not an album.

These are the U.S. mostly repackaged albums.

  1. Introducing… The Beatles (1964) Vee-Jay
  2. Meet The Beatles! (1964) Capital
  3. The Beatles’ Second Album (1964) Capitol
  4. A Hard Days Night (1964) United Artists (Same tracks as U.K. release)
  5. Something New (1964) Capital
  6. Beatles ‘65 (Dec. 1964) Capitol
  7. Beatles VI (1965) Capitol
  8. Help! (1965) Capitol (Fewer tracks than then U.K. release)
  9. Rubber Soul (1965) Capitol (Fewer tracks as U.K. release)
  10. Yesterday and Today (1966) Capitol (Leftover tracks from Help! Rubber Soul and up-coming Revolver releases)
  11. Revolver (1966) Capitol (Fewer tracks than U.K. release)
  12. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) Capitol (Same as U.K. release)
  13. Magical Mystery Tour (1967) Capitol (U.K. E.P. packaged with U.K. singles from 1967)
  14. The Beatles a.k.a. White Album (1968) Capitol (Same as U.K. release)
  15. Yellow Submarine (1969) Apple/Capitol (Same as U.K. version only 4 new songs)
  16. Hey Jude (1969) Capitol (All songs were singles not on U.S. albums and two songs from A Hard Days night (United Artists)