Updated: 09.19.2016

What happened in 1971?

Let’s have a look at what was going on in 1971, shall we? Here’s what made the news in 1971.

Richard Nixon is President and Spiro Agnew is Vice President.

In the News 1971

  • 500,000 Vietnam protesters march on Washington D.C.
  • U.S. troops in Vietnam drops to 196,700.
  • 42 killed in Attica prison riots.
  • D.B. Cooper parachutes from a plane over Washington state.
  • Apollo 14 lands on the Moon.
  • Apollo 15 lands on the Moon with a lunar rover.
  • Intel releases the first microprocessor.

Entertainment in 1971

  • Patton wins Best Picture Oscar.
  • George C. Scott wins Best Actor Oscar.
  • Glenda Jackson wins Best Actress Oscar.
  • For All We Know wins Best Song Oscar.
  • Record of the Year is Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel.
  • Album of the Year is Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel.
  • 40,000 attend The Concert for Bangladesh.
  • The Fillmore East closes.
  • Jim Morrison dies.

Sports in 1971

  • The Baltimore Colts defeat The Dallas Cowboys in Superbowl V.
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates win The World Series.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship.
  • The Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup.
  • Joe Frazier defeats Muhammad Ali.
  • Detroit Lions’ Chuck Hughes dies on the field.
  • Jack Nicklaus wins the PGA championship.
  • Richard Petty is NASCAR champion.
Richard Roundtree was Shaft in 1971.

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