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Cigarette Trivia

Cigarettes – as we know them today – were first manufactured in France, hence the French sounding name, around 1830. But before we get to the trivia, here’s a commercial.

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Marlboro logo

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Year Trivia
1789 P. Lollard and Company places the first known tobacco ad in the New York daily paper.
1847 Philip Morris opens a tobacco shop on Bond Street in London.
1868 Bull Durham emerges with the ads it’s easy to roll your own.
1875 The Allen and Ginter tobacco company adds cigarette trading cards to packages.
1875 R.J. (Richard Joshua) Reynolds is producing tobacco in Winston, NC..
1890 The American Tobacco Company is founded by J. B. (James Buchanan) Duke.
1913 R.J.Reynolds introduces packaged cigarettes, branded as Camel.
1917 Lucky Strike uses the slogan It’s Toasted.
1918 R.J. Reynolds dies of pancreatic cancer.
1924 Philip Morris introduces Marlboro as a woman’s cigarette.
1927 Boris Aivaz produces the first cigarette filter.
1927 Old Gold cigarettes sponsors the Old Gold on Broadway radio series.
1936 Viceroy is the first major brand to introduce filtered cigarettes.
1952 Reader’s Digest publishes a series of articles entitled Cancer by the Carton.
1952 In response to the Reader’s Digest article Kent introduces it’s Micronite filter.
1953 Liggett & Myers introduces the L&M brand of cigarettes.
1954 Winston tastes good like a cigarette should ad campaign begins.
1954 Philip Morris begins advertising Marlboro in a flip-top box.
1954 The Marlboro Man ad campaign debuts.
1960 50% of men and 33% of women smoked.
1963 Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch ad campaign begins.
1968 Virginia Slims says You’ve Come a Long Way Baby.
1971 The advertising of cigarettes on television and radio ban begins.
1971 The top NASCAR racing series is called the Winston Cup.
1975 The U.S. military stops including cigarettes in C-rations.
1978 Virginia Slims Lights debuts.
1984 Don Johnson plays Det. Sonny Crockett smoking Lucky Strikes in Miami Vice.
1987 RJR creates Joe Camel.
1991 More children recognize Joe Camel than Mickey Mouse.
1997 The Joe Camel campaign is retired by RJR.
1998 U.S. states begin outlawing tobacco product sales to young people.
1999 Liggett & Meyers sells the L&M, Lark and Chesterfield brands to Philip Morris.
1999 Tobacco companies spent $8.24 billion on advertising.
2000 New York is the first state to require fire safe cigarettes.
2000 30% of men and 22% of women smoke.
2003 Philip Morris is rebranded to Altria.
2004 50% of U.S. smokers prefer lights to regular cigarettes.
2004 Nearly half of all Americans who had ever smoked had quit.
2004 The top NASCAR racing series is no longer called the Winston Cup.
2005 Tobacco companies spent $13.11 billion on advertising.
2006 21% of the U.S. population smokes.
2006 The state with the most smokers is Kentucky.
2012 E-cigarette manufacturer Blu is purchased by Lorillard.

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