Updated: 01.02.2013

Soda Pop Trivia

Who doesn’t love soda pop? Where did it come from? When did soft drinks first turn up? See when your favorite carbonated beverages were created.

Date Soda Event
1876 Hires Root Beer Is sold in powder form
1884 Hires Root Beer Is sold in soda fountains
December 1, 1885 Dr. Pepper Is First Served
May 8, 1886 Coca-Cola First sold in Atlanta Georgia
1888 Dr. Pepper First sold in bottles
1890 Hires Root Beer Is sold in bottles
March 12, 1894 Coca-Cola First sold in a bottle
June 16, 1903 Pepsi Trademarks it’s brand name
1904 Canada Dry Sells ginger ale
1904 Chero-Cola First sold
1904 Pepsi First Sold in bottles
1916 Orange Crush Debuts
1920 A&W Root Beer Appears at drive-in stands
1924 Nehi Is introduced
1929 7 UP Is introduced
1931 Shasta Produces ginger ale
1934 Royal Crown Cola Is introduced, a new formula of Chero-Cola
1935 Coca-Cola Certified as Kosher
February, 1937 Dad’s Root Beer Is created in Chicago, IL.
1938 Squirt Is introduced
March 27, 1944 Coca Cola Trademarks the word Coke
1955 Coca-Cola First sold in cans
1958 Diet Rite Is the first diet soda ever
1961 Sprite Is introduced by Coca-Cola
1963 Patio Diet Cola Is created by Pepsi
1964 Teem Is created by Pepsi to answer 7 UP
1964 Moutain Dew Is first distributed nationally
1964 Pepsi Introduces Diet Pepsi
1966 Fresca Is introduced by Coca-Cola
1967 7 UP Calls itself the UNCOLA
1973 7 UP introduces Diet 7 UP
1975 Pepsi Issues The Pepsi Challenge
1983 Diet Squirt Is the first soda sweetened with aspartame
1982 Pepsi Introduces Pespi Free
1984 Slice Is introduced by Pepsi replacing Teem
April 23, 1985 Coca-Cola Introduces New Coke
July 10, 1985 Coca-Cola Reverts to Coca-Cola Classic
1986 A&W Root Beer Is the largest selling root beer followed by Dad’s
1986 Mug Root Beer Is bought out by Pepsi
1989 Pepsi Introduces Pepsi AM
2000 Sierra Mist Is introduced by Pepsi replacing Slice in stores
September 2002 7 UP Introduces dnL
March 21, 2005 Coca-Cola Introduces Coca-Cola Zero
2007 Coca-Cola Is the largest selling soft drink
Followed by Pepsi, Diet Coke & Mountain Dew


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