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Movie (Year) Movie Actors TV Show (Run) # of episodes TV Actors 9 to 5 (1980) Dolly Parton, Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda 9 to 5 (1982-1983, 1986-1998) 85 Rachel Dennison, Rita Moreno, Valerie Curtin Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974) Ellen Burstyn, Diane Ladd, Vic Tayback Alice (1986-1995) 202 Linda Lavin, Polly Holliday, Vic Tayback [...]

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Arye Gross is a celebrity born in 1960. Given Name DOB Died Occupation(s) Active Arye Gross March 17, 1960 Alive Actor 1982-present Arye Gross Trivia Born in Los Angeles. Parents Sheri and Joseph. Attended UC Irvine. Appeared in an early episode of Diff’rent Strokes as Marko. In his first movie role he appeared as Turbo [...]

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Iconic actress Doris Day is alive and well, and living well in Carmel-By-the-Sea, the hyphenated paradise in California. She is a champion for pets and a hotelier. Given Name DOB Died Occupation(s) Active Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff April 3, 1922 Alive Actor, Singer 1939-1973 Doris Day Trivia Born in Cincinatti. Her father was a music [...]

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Cast was the Woodstock of 1963. These are the icons, actors and actresses, movers and shakers that made the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Everyone listed here is hereby inducted into the Triviafrog Hall of Fame.

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Patrick Carlin wrote and appeared on the Thicke of the Night Show, the George Carlin Show and was a DJ on the World Famous KROQ.

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Given Name DOB Died Occupation(s) Active Arley D. McCormick June 30, 1927 July 29, 2005 (aged 78) Writer, Comedian, Actor 1964-1998 Pat McCormick Trivia Born in Rocky River, Ohio. Born in Lakewood, Ohio has also been reported. In 1945 he graduated Rocky River High School. In 1946 Served in the Army for two years. In [...]

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Given Name DOB Died Occupation(s) Active Paul Hamilton Williams, Jr. September 19, 1940 Alive Singer, Song writer, Actor 1965-Present Paul Williams Trivia Born in Omaha. His brother Mentor Williams is also a successful song writer (Drift Away). In 1965, in his first movie role, he appeared as Gunther Fry in The Loved One which also [...]

Abby Elliott – Cast member 2008-2011 is the daughter of Chris Elliott – Cast member 1994-1995. Bill Murray – Cast member 1977-1980, Weekend Update anchor 1978-1980 is the brother of Brian Doyle-Murray – Writer / Cast member 1978-1982, SNL Newsbreak anchor 1981-1982. Dan Aykroyd – Cast member 1975-1978 is the brother of Peter Aykroyd – [...]

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